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Special double issue of Hélice: volume 2 (4) 2013, and volume 3 (1) of 2014.


Special double issue of Hélice: volume 2 (4) 2013, and volume 3 (1) of 2014.

This combined issue addresses the Triple Helix Framework in a context of global change, whether continuing, mutating, or unraveling, as it was presented and discussed at the Triple Helix 11th international conference on 8-10 July 2013 in London, UK.
This special issue includes papers from various countries, representing the application and utilization of Triple Helix framework in pursuing different  theoretical and empirical questions. The variety of themes and cases show the interest in Triple Helix concept is still integral in innovation research all round the world among scholars, policy-makers, as well as practitioners.
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