Workshop “Commercialisation of research results in the WBC”

Event date
May 22-24, 2013
Novi Sad
Short description

WBC-INCO.NET organised a workshop on the commercialisation of research results in the field of AgroFood in the WBC. The Workshop was held jointly with SEE-ERA.NET PLUS with the support of the University of Novi Sad. The event took place on May 23 and 24, 2013, back to back with the 80th International Agricultural Fair of Novi Sad (visit to the fair for Workshop participants on May 22, 2013).


The WBC-INCO.NET event addressed opportunities and framework conditions for the commercialisation/valorisation of research results (products to markets), with special focus on the AgroFood sector of the WBC.

During the workshop, results of selected SEE-ERA.NET PLUS - JERPS (Joint European Research Projects) were discussed in view of their  commercialisation potential, and the exchange of information were fostered so as to deepen knowledge of researchers / JERP coordinators from the Western Balkan countries by inputs from external experts on specific questions and topics.

Besides the discussion of research results and the possibilities for their valorisation, the following topics were covered: 

  • Intellectual Property Rights,
  • Standardisation,
  • Support structures such as the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN),
  • Funding possibilities and others.

Topics raised during the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Vienna interim monitoring meeting (April 2012) and in the online survey done by the project coordinator were  considered in order to discuss and encourage the scientific and technological cooperation between researchers and practitioners as for the valorisation of research results; as well as to faciltate  networking between JERP project partners and representatives from the industry.

The event took place back to back with the 80th International Agriculture Fair Novi Sad being the most visited fair in the Region, and thus benefiting from its networking potential and visibility. A matchmaking event B2B was organised on May 22, 2013 in order to facilitate meetings with industry representatives.

Geographical focus
  • WBC
Scientific focus
  • Agricultural Sciences
Event type
  • Other

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