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University "Alexander Moisiu" Durres - Higher Education Professional School


"The Professional School consists of programmes of studies that last for a period of two years, the aim of which is to educate and train proficient professionals who are motivated to broaden their professional knowledge through all their life and to deal with the professional demands encountered by the community and the country. The Professional School will give the students the possibility to be qualified not only professionally but also vitally and intellectually. The aim is that students develop their analytical, critical and practical skills through the overall educational programmes and professional experience.
The Professional School offers 8 specializations, which are clearly defined according to the professional needs of our country at present and in the future. The respective curricula are compiled by a team of experts in the respective professions, also based in the curricula of the equivalent schools in other prestigious academic traditions such as that of “Community College” in U.S.A. and “Fachhochschule” in Germany. Based in this visibility, the credits of our educational programmes will be easily convertible to any professional qualifications as well as more common undergraduate programmes in other universities. The diploma offered will be bilingual, Albanian and English, in which the marks are given in three main systems: Albanian system, American grading system and the European Credits Transfer System, that will make the Diploma of Professional School, Durres University, easily readable."

Source: Self-entry in January 2008.

Department / Unit
Higher Education Professional School
Contact details
Phone:++355 68 2096614
Address: L.1, Rr. Currilave Durres
Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • General/no specific focus
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