Black Sea Marine Infrastructures


SEAS-NET is a network project with a general aim to enhance marine and maritime research in its entireness, as an overarching initiative to previously conducted projects targeted only a given area or basin. The project brings together 20 funding organizations across Europe and beyond within three marine regions: Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea. The consortia will closely work with the already established programme for Baltic Sea.

The main objectives are:

1. Improve cooperation between national and regional research programmes thus contributing for setting up European Marine and Maritime Agenda;
2. Foster synergies at regional and pan-European level through common programmes and joint calls;
3. Propose a plan for better and sustainable use of Marine research infrastructures;
4. Reduce imbalances between the regions involved through Human Capacity building actions;
5. Public awareness towards marine and maritime scientific and policy issues

SEAS-NET Black sea platform is one of the regional working groups within the pan-European network. The task of this package is to deliver a common strategies and programmes for the Black Sea basin communicating specific needs and problems. There are 4 major milestones set, more specifically:

1. Develop a Science plan for the Black Sea basin and based on it;
2. Build up common programme and joint call;
3. Record the existing marine research infrastructure and benchmark it at EU level; and
4. Assess and improve the existing instruments for building up human resource capacities within the region.

Project type
  • FP7
Country of the coordinating institution
Contact details
Address:Project coordinator:
c/o Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of Bulgaria
Contact person:
Lora Pavlova
Blvd. Knjaz Dondukov 2A
Geographical focus
  • SEE
  • WBC
Scientific focus
  • Natural Sciences
May 2010 - April 2014

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