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The report presents assessment of the science and technology (S&T) status as of December 2004 of five Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia & Montenegro.The author highlights the fact that the objectives posed by EU on its way to the knowledge-based economy are fully relevant to the Western Balkan countries and their aspiration to become EU members in the future implies their adoption of the ...
In the paper the issues with regard to application of the European regional policy to the Western Balkan countries are discussed. The paper offers analysis of possible ways and means of the policy in question. As the Western Balkan states face other threats and opportunities than those existed several years ago, the European policy instruments shall be adapted to meet the new challenges associated with the Western Balkans' economic and social cohesion into EU. So, the EU in cooperation with the ...
The document presents the investigation report by the Institute for International Relations (IMO) on the research and development system in Croatia. The report covers some legislative and institutional issues related to the higher education and science, lays out the aspects associated with financing of the higher education and science, specifies the size, structure and dynamics of the R&D personnel, gives the overview of research organisations and scientific infrastructure, analyses ...
The report provides a general overview of Croatia as a new candidate of EU Accession within the framework of the current status of scientific and technological development. The document contains the general information of the country, national economy and economic indicators as of 2003 as well as the history of the EU-Croatia relations.Substantial part of the report is dedicated to the science and technology (S&T) policy as far as its framework, role and objectives, indicators, coordination and ...
... harmonize as far as possible the EU’s external aid instruments. The draft comprises 21 Articles and 2 Annexes, besides, the comments with respect to every individual Article are provided. The draft regulation constitutes a framework regulation, establishing a unified instrument for pre-accession assistance. The beneficiary countries (i.e. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia und Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey) are divided into two categories, depending on their status as either Candidate Countries (listed in Annex II) or potential Candidate Countries (listed in Annex I). The idea is that the potential Candidate Countries will continue to receive assistance ...
"Integration of the non-candidate countries in South Eastern Europe (Western Balkan Countries) into the European Research Area and the future EU RTD activities" The document summarizes the main issues of the Vienna Workshop on integration of Western Balkan countries into the European Research Area and the 6th EU RTD Framework Program (FP6) - from the year 2000. Topic is the strategy of integration of the mentioned countries into European Research Area as well as the EU future RTD ...
40% ERA-WESTBALKAN Online Directory Link 4. Aug. 2006
The online directory is a collection of universities, institutions and companies active in R&D in Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
The "Department for Scientific, Technical, Educational, Cultural and Sports Co-operation carries out professional and administrative work that is related to: a) preparation, processing and producing of international agreements and programs of scientific, technical, educational cultural and sports co-operation with other states and international organisations; b) the preparation and co-ordination of scientific, technical, educational, cultural and sports co-operation which is realised on the ...
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total items: 1478

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