[Project end]: WBC-INCO.NET Project officially closed on April, 30th, 2014

We started in 2008 and we have achieved a lot - we prepared reports and publications, we organised events on different topics by including many different stakeholders from Science, Research and Innovation sector from the Western Balkan region and Europe-wide. We supported the Steering Platform on Research for many years and kept you informed via website and newsletter - so far nearly 200 newsletters have been disseminated reaching a great number of researchers and policy stakeholders. More than 3.500 news can be found via the news archive. The WBC-INCO.NET project officially closed on April 30, 2014 and some activites were handed over partly to Danube-INCO.NET.
Furthermore - new follow up information platform focusing on Western Balkans  WBC-RTI.info platform was established as of July 2015. 


WBC-INCO.NET website is no longer updated - you are welcome to post your event or news announcements by yourself which are relevant for all Western Balkan countries at http://wbc-rti.info/.


Geographical focus
Scientific focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

Entry created by Ines Marinkovic on April 30, 2014
Modified on November 25, 2015