Useful Tools

Useful tools area focuses on presentation of selected topics related to WBC-INCO.NET themes and thus focusing themes which might be very useful for you.

If you miss a specific topic within this area, or would like to suggest further documents or relevant websites – please do not hesitate to contact us any time at and share your idea with us.  We do our best to keep this area up to date, however if you find some information here that has become obsolete in the meantime, please let us know as well.

  • Steering Platform on Research in WBC

    The Platform facilitates the interaction between the Western Balkan Countries, the EU member states, the candidate and potential candidate countries and other states associated to the Framework Programmes for RTD and the European Commission. Its main objective is to support the enhanced integration of the WBCs in the European Research Area. It is a strategic body to deal with European, multilateral and regional issues of Science and Technology policies in and with the WBCs.

    It acts as an information exchange centre, clearing house for joint ideas and activities, and coordination forum for needs, suggestions and proposals of the WBCs to the European Commission, the EU27, candidate and potential candidate countries and the countries associated to FP7 (AC) and vice versa. In this spirit, the Platform continues and intensifies the progress achieved under the EU-Balkan Countries Action Plan on Science and Technology.

    The guidelines of the Steering Platform are available here.

  • Bilateral cooperation in/with the WB region

    Here you will find some useful information focusing the bilateral cooperation in and with the Western Balkan region.

  • Horizon 2020

    Here you will find useful information related to Horizon 2020, the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an approximate budget of €70 billion, the EU’s new programme for research and innovation is part of the drive to create new growth and jobs in Europe.

  • European Commission's 7th Framework Programme (FP7)

    Here you will find some useful information concerning the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

  • Other European programmes

    Here you will find some useful information concerning other European programmes.

  • Danube Region

    The area covered by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region stretches from the Black Forest (Germany) to the Black Sea (Romania-Ukraine-Moldova) and is home to 115 million inhabitants. Countries: Member States (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania) Accession Countries (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro) Neighbourhood Countries (Moldova, Ukraine).

  • Smart Specialisation

    Smart Specialisation is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support to Research and Innovation (R&I). It will be the basis for Structural Fund investments in R&I as part of the future Cohesion Policy's contribution to the Europe 2020 jobs and growth agenda. More generally, smart specialisation involves a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region, strong or weak, high-tech or low-tech.

  • Finding open calls

    A great number of open calls in FP7, SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme and other important programmes is available in the Calls section of WBC-INCO.NET website. However, here you will find an overview on relevant websites and further related information focusing on calls.

  • Finding project partners

    You always can use our Notice Board if you would like to offer your expertise as individual, or offer a collaboration as a institution or organisation or if you are searching for a project partner in a specific call for proposals.  Here, in this section you will find other very useful websites and some other related information on how to find a project partners.

  • Information useful for financial project managers

    Here you will find useful information in particular relevant for financial project managers.

  • Information useful for (potential) evaluators

    Here you will find some useful information relevant for (potential) evaluators.

  • Information useful for mobile researchers

    If you are a mobile researcher - you will find here some useful information on existing international, European, national and regional websites as well as some relevant documents which might be of use for you when moving from one country to another.

  • Information useful for mobile students

    "Travelling to another EU country to study ('learning mobility') is one of the fundamental ways in which young people can boost their personal development as well as their future job opportunities." (Youth on the Move: A Guide to the Rights of Mobile Students in the European Union, p.2) In this section you will find useful and relevant information if you are planning to study abroad.

  • Information useful for SMEs involved in research

    Here you will find some relevant information focusing the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) who are involved in research and innovation.  

  • Useful information regarding dissemination activities

    Here you will find some useful information regarding dissemination activities.

  • Useful information in local languages (WBC)

    In this section you will find in particular important documents or reports related to research and innovation or official documents related to funding, research or innovation and which are available in local languages of the Western Balkan countries. Furthermore, you will find here links (oranisations, projects etc.) from WBC related to themes of WBC-INCO.NET which provide further information mainly in local languages.