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Welcome to the WBC-INCO.NET Website!

Below you will find an overview on different sections on the WBC-INCO.NET portal, however we also strongly trust that you will contribute to further development of the cooperation with and in the Western Balkan countries by submitting your news, events, documents etc. to this portal. All you have to do in order to submit your content, is to sign up for an account.

As a registered user, you will be able to enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Personalised information – by indicating your scientific and regional focus all related information will be automatically brought to your personal zone.
  • Networking possibilities – you have the access to contact data of other WBC-INCO.NET users looking for cooperation and networking possibilities.  
  • Own news and event announcements – you have the possibility to disseminate your own news and event announcements – by yourself.
  • Furthermore, you can enter your organisation or project in our databases, post an item on the notice-board and a lot more.

At a glance, the WBC-INCO.NET portal offers the following sections:

By browsing the WBC-INCO.NET portal, the most relevant practical information on "how to" is shown right after you click on the selected button. However, we have also published a comprehensive user manual which will further support your contribution on this portal.

Full-text search engine: supports phrase searching, wildcard-searching and AND/OR searching (Xapian - http://xapian.org/)

  • The results that are returned are ranked according to their create date.
  • Possibility to use AND, OR, NOT, XOR in your searches.
  • For example, “research project” will look for occurrences of these words as an exact phrase, but you can also search for “research NEAR project” to find occurrences of the words “research” and “project” that are within 10 words of each other. You can even write “research NEAR/3 project” to change the proximity threshold to three.
  • If, for example, you search for “programmer,” you can find articles that mention “programmers” or “programming”. Xapian currently supports stemming in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

In case you have questions related to different e-Services, or if you encounter technical difficulties to create or modify your article or your account, or in case of any other questions, comments or suggestions – please  feel free to contact us any time at office@wbc-inco.net.


Please note:

Submissions which do not conform with the mission of the WBC-INCO.NET project (such as commercial information and advertisement, information related to regions not covered by the project etc.) or which are considered as inappropriate for any other reason will not be approved/will be deleted by the administrator. WBC-INCO.NET preserves the right to modify submissions and to delete information which has become obsolete without further notice. In case you have questions related to this e-Service or concerning any information processed in the context of this service, or if you encounter technical difficulties to create, modify or delete your account feel free to contact us at office@wbc-inco.net.